Who are Thornhill?
What is Thornhill Thread Collective?

Thornhill has always been a true showing of who we are as people: whether it be through our music, our live performance or our visual aesthetic. Through all of this, we’ve never compromised on who we are as individuals and as a collective.

Through the process of creating our second album Heroine, we began to focus more on fashion, styling, and expressing ourselves through clothing. This has become a core element of Thornhill’s motivation to evolve our music and our universe. 

We have created Thornhill Thread Collective because we use the way we dress to communicate with each other and with the world, and now more than ever, we want to explore this avenue of creativity and expression with you. 

TTC items are created, sourced, styled and shipped by Thornhill, with a focus on having the best quality garments and designs that we can find.

Our mission for TTC is to create something that represents our band as individuals and as a collective, and can be something that we’re proud to wear and exhibit as a creative extension of the Thornhill universe. We want you to feel empowered and proud to wear these items, and hopefully TTC can become a part of your own style story too.

Thank you for your love and support always, and welcome to Thornhill Thread Collective x